Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kawaii Scrapbook Albums Vintage Japan!

These amazing albums arrived from YJA, and I couldn't believe the cuteness of them. I am having a hard time deciding to let them go at all. Still for a vintage item they are in great condition!

The blue scrapbook above has amazing detail to each of the cute characters on the train. Some even feel fuzzy as you run your fingertips across them. I will need to have the words translated to find out what it says. But this one is just too cute!

This green scrapbook above most would say is the cutest one. I would totally agree if it weren't for the silly eye on the deer. Maybe if it wasn't there I'd love this one more. Still the cute little duck and flowers is soo Ayumi Uyama cute! Hopefully I will add one or the other or maybe both to the shop?! Look out for em'! - ggsdolls

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