Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Collaboration Project with Sam!

This past Sunday, I took some projects that I had been working on for the past week to our family Sunday Dinner, since we were celebrating 2 relative's, plus my bday. I wanted to bring along these items to see what kind of reaction I would get from them.

For some time, I had been working on new jewelry items and noticed that most of the doll or anime cameo's I had been selling in the store well, were selling very slowly... So I took my mother in-laws advice, and decided to use some of my husband's scenic photos of Guam, instead of the usual vintage stuff. I came up with these, a scenic photo of our village landmark called, "Bear Rock" placed on a gold tone setting and into a white resin cameo. The response along with
a cell charm was overwhelming! The family loved it and said it would be a great souvenir item for tourists! I was soo happy and thrilled that it has taken hold!

I've placed some photos of one's completed on my facebook and even family abroad are now taking orders! So, since Sunday, I've opened a second shop on etsy and it will feature works of my husband's and mine! We'll see how well this one turns out, the key here is that it is made in Guam, and its customizable! - ggsdolls

PS 02/14/2011 - Shop will have to be renamed, will update soon!

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