Friday, March 4, 2011

More Jewelry Completed and other stuff!

I am only showing a few here, but I must admit these are some of my favorite pieces created so far! They will be sold at a local event, and while that is happening, I hope to be stateside as well! It's been a really busy week so I hope to get many things done before I leave...

My ultimate fave is this lovely lavender pink plumeria necklace. It actually turned out really nice too! I love the beads I used and just the look of it overall.

I made 3 pairs of earrings and this one above is just one look that turned out really nice! Also for a local sale.

So far, this item above is the only brooch, I've made. I am not sure how well they will sell here locally? Still I love the color!

Then, finally a much anticipated dress made for skipper for my Kiraz. After seeing this similar dress on a friend's kiraz doll, I knew it was not original to kiraz, but made for skipper. Still the style is cute and I love green on her too! So much to get done and so little time! - ggsdolls

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