Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovely Skipper Dresses for my Kiraz Gals!

I've been going on a skipper dress hunt these days and found a site that had many lovely skipper items for a lot less than getting them on feebay! All I wanted was a few dress items and not all of the fashion, here they are all lovely in almost every dress I put on! Above is, Long N Short of it dress, and cookie time dress. Cookie time is one of my faves!
This one above is Sunny Pastels, and the dress wasn't really a choice I was going to get, but at less than $10 you can't beat trying it on! LOL!

This one above, I've seen on feebay, just the dress was so cute. A bit short, but very mod indeed!

This last one above, is my fave of all, came with the dress at the top left, Long N Short of it dress coat. I added the black belt and Francie heels and she looks so 1950's stylishly cute! Many of skipper's other fashions could probably fit...but I am glad to find these simple pieces, and at less than $30 dollars, you can't go wrong! - ggsdolls

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