Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dollhouse #2 made by Vero (DDR) Germany Arrives! What a Surprise too!

I have been wanting a Vero house for some time now...especially since finding out about vintage dollhouses from Germany! When I left stateside, I had won another Moritz Gottschalk two-story house via ebay and decided that if I ever found a Vero I would either sell the two-story house or give it to my daughter who's been eye-balling my dollhouse's since I got one back in April.

So, sure enough a Vero showed up on ebay, but only a bungalow style house. Still I couldn't resist and I decided to bid on it, and won the lovely MIB house. So, as promised I told my daughter she could have the two-story Gottschalk house and I would get the Vero...We've been awaiting the arrival of the two-story house for some time now-_-; and can you believe it?! What showed up at the PO was not the two-story house, but the Vero bungalow!! She of course was sad, and so was I, but was happy that my very much anticipated Vero dollhouse arrived, and so quickly too! I was tracking both homes via USPS and mine went west coast stateside, where as the two-story ended up east coast and taking the long route like my first dollhouse-_-; Still, we had fun working on the Vero today and putting it together too!

First, a bit of information on Vero...another flickr friend on her blog talks about the Vero dollhouses from Germany here! There are many versions as shown on her blog. This one is a version I have! But Rebecca's Vero's wallpaper is different from mine. Still its amazing to find a Vero which is very popular by the way and hard to find. I would still love to find myself a two-story 4 bedroom verison like Annina's here, maybe? LOL!

My daughters and I put the house together and now, all I have to do is put all the furniture in! Oh, a whole day of fun continues tomorrow!

Front cover of the box at the top, and instructions glued to the underside.

Above the parts to the house, nicely protected by sheets of brown paper and tissue paper. Below, is the parts to the house laid out.

The finished bungalow above. It took us about 2 hours. The box had all the nuts, bolts, and washers along with the tool to tighten them with. But I truly had a hard time with the roof mostly. First, I had placed the side walls in the wrong way, redid them, then the roof wouldn't go on in the middle area-_-; Some of the flooring started to buckle a bit. Still after all the hard work, it was amazing to see the finished house! It also came with a potted plant, and a row of flower/plants that is supposed to be placed just under the awning area. Nice and minty too, just not photographed yet!

Next, putting in furniture etc.! Can't wait! - ggsdolls


  1. How wonderful to get one in mint condition! And also, how wonderful to have help putting it together - I felt like I needed to be an octopus, but managed it with just two hands and a bit of balancing with a knee or a foot ... Look forward to seeing more of it :-)

  2. Rebecca, thanks so much! Seeing your Vero made me want to get mine just as fast, and did! I truly appreciate your blog info. on this house as well as all the others I've mentioned. Having a Vero as a dollhouse collector is a must for sure!

  3. This is such a lovely dollhouse structure. It makes you wonder why more like these aren't produced today. You are so lucky!

  4. Modern MC, Yes, I totally agree! Wish there were more! So, that others can enjoy their beauty. I was truly lucky to be able to afford this one! The second one the seller sold went for a lot more than mine did-_-; It was crazy!

  5. What a great find, it's beautiful & how cool that the condition is so great after all this time & you got to put it together. I really hope the Gottschalk house turns up! That will be lovely for your daughter.