Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm In the Patio!

As my youngest child takes a napsy...I decided to play with my camera a bit and the Vero house... As a child I used to love sitting beside my tiny dollhouse(and I mean lego houses) and imagined the inhabitants inside moving around, doing their daily things, but actually alive...I must admit a bit of me still looks into this particular dollhouse and imagines almost the same things, but only difference is that I look at the house and want to rearrange it and then take pics of what my eyes see! Anyways, enjoy...LOL! - ggsdolls


  1. Hi there
    I used to feel just as you as a child! We also had one of these huge radios with lights(why didn't we keep it) and I always imagined the little people inside it....
    your photos are wonderful!

  2. I want to lie down on that red sun lounger and just enjoy the prospect.
    Wonderful pictures!

  3. Nice pics! You can see how perfect the condition of the house the planter.

  4. Neomig, thanks. So true, why didn't we-_-; Ugh, when we are young we don't realize the importance til' later on...

    Lilli, awe, thanks too dear! Your telling me I want to lie down on it too! Where's a shrink ray when you need one! LOL!

    Callsmall, Thank you too dear. So true, the house is amazing, and the planter came with it too! I have to admit I love and admire your Vero house too!

  5. The patio looks great, I love how the lounger pics up on the red roof & the plants are lovely. I'm with Neomig, I'd be happy to be shrunk down & relax on that patio with a mini margarita or 2.