Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lovely 1966 Eldon Toy's "Sandy's Tiny Room"!

I found this amazing ad, trying to piece together a recent ebay win I was not expecting to actually win?!! LOL! But still I am pretty glad I did get it. This amazing tiny doll room, made by Eldon Toys back in 1966. Has lovely Mid-Century Modern style furniture pieces!

The actual tiny room above, that I won. Has several pieces missing, not sure just what they are? But when I found the ad, I could see a lovely tulip style chair is missing from the spot with a hole at the front left side of the case. Sadly, that is one of the best pieces in the room-_-; What the tiny room did come with was, a brush, tiny record sleeves, hangers, with one coat, Sandy doll, a matching purse, and the rest you see in the photo is the furniture that is basically bolted to the room, so you won't lose them...

When I first opened the case, there were two blue Marx style lamps, not original to the set. A swing out lamp from the bed shelf. The closet door loose and off track, a hair brush, rattling around, and some small punched out record sleeves scattered. The Sandy doll was in excellent shape. I fell in love with her face first! Probably why I decided to bid on the set in the first place!

I love the little stool in front of the mirror. The credenza, with a TV, and record player. I placed the record sleeves in between what looked like the area for them, a shelf, maybe? that too looked like something may be missing there, not sure?

Back to Sandy, a part bendy style doll, only at her legs. She came wearing her original dress and white slip on flats. Her face is so true to the times of the 60's. I love her hairstyle, and wish her legs were a bit longer, as she kind of looked dwarfed with long arms and short legs. Still at the 1:18 scale she is a cutie. I would love to find out more about this set...researching is a great way to kill time...LOL! - ggsdolls


  1. The missing chair is great (on the 1:18 scale I have never seen any yet. Hope you find it), apart from maybe some clothes, you seem to have nearly everything ? Great find !

  2. Yse, thanks dear! So true. I think I've seen the chair once in a Lot of dollhouse furniture, but the auction ended long time ago, so it could show up someday...just sad that it's missing, and I wonder what kind of clothes she had as well. Hugs for your lovely thoughts, gg

  3. I know it's been almost a year since you posted, but I had to comment to tell you that I got one of these for Christmas back in 1966 and it was a favorite toy of mine for a long while. :) Perfect for taking in the car for those long trips to the grandparents! :)

    1. Evaine,

      Hi dear, and thanks so much for commenting. That is so amazing. I truly love to hear or read about others memories of the things I find. thank you for sharing that with me. hugs, gg