Thursday, November 3, 2011

Replacing Doll Eyes and Lashes...

I decided to replace the doll eyes and lashes on the girl doll with black hair. Her pupil was coming out of one of the eyes. Poor thing. Then, I also decided to give her a bit of color and tried to redo her face. it took me some time, as I had the eyes, but not the lashes. I finally, picked up some on Wednesday and that nite into this morning I was able to work on her and get her done. If you'd like to read more about these dolls I did an earlier post about them here! I must admit I am smitten and I hope I am able to find more of them! With my latest searches I did find out that there were other companies that use the same if not similar body mold for these dolls. I found two via ebay with the same bodies!

Both girls above. Below left doll, you can see the replaced eyes and eyelashes. I just love their chubby faces, hands, and long legs! - ggsdolls

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