Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Small Package from Japan! Part One

As Christmas gets closer, I wanted to make sure items I won thru YJA arrive before everyone goes on a Holiday. So, I have two small packets from Japan arriving, and today one of the two came in!!

I won these last month, and was waiting til' I had the funds to get them sent over!

This was a Lot of two Macoto style notebooks, vintage of course. The one on the bottom is by Macoto, and the one on the top probably Akira? not sure. The seller had two other lots of these books selling. I've always wanted the one at the top. So, I was thrilled to have found them!

Then, to my surprise, I found this little cutie! A Matchbox style baby doll. I didn't realize how small this doll was until it arrived!

Soft body like my squeak babies, but his body is made of terricloth. Sweet vinyl face and hair too! There are two other styles as shown on the box. Mine lays on his tummy! Can't wait to show off the other box when it arrives... - ggsdolls

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