Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Addition to my Wu & Wu Collection...

I received in the mail today, a lovely jewelry box also made by Wu & Wu but from the Tokyo Belle line. I fell in love with the cute blonde girl on the tin. I was definitely able to get this one thru an online website called DollyDagger.com It was nice to know I would be able to find these lovely treasures online if I couldn't find them on Island!!

Lovely graphics and dreamy cute girl and her cat! I must say, this reminds me a bit of the margaret or macoto items I find vintage! But way cheaper!

The even nicer part is the little treasures the tins hold inside! This one comes with a cutesy charm bracelet, a ring, and a brooch/pendant! Fiona Hewitt is now, my fave artist along side Macoto Takahashi, Miyako Maki, and Masako Watanabe!!

Now, I have two in my collection. These two tins are the one's I told myself are a must have's!! I am sorta leaning towards getting the cotton candy themed tins??? We'll see...
- ggsdolls

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