Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today's Haul....

I love boxes like these!! and getting them almost every week has been like Christmas all over again!!LOL! So, this is what came in today!!
From left to right: Glico Lot of toys with ad and vintage box. a set of 2 Yoko Kitajima mini notebooks. Handmade Licca dress, Lot of 3 Eico Hanamura colored pencils n boxes. I love the artwork on them!! A Lot of keychain and another Himeko girl pendant! Lastly, my fave, Lot of 2 large pencil cases. One with Miyako Maki artwork "Scarlet" and the other similar to Yukiko Tani? not sure. It's my favorite of the two and I adore the inside even more so!! See below!
 Inside the case with lovely art graphics and I also love the plaid print on one of the flaps!
My Himeko pendant n pin collection is growing. The new pendant is on the above right!

Most of the items in today's haul will be or have been added to my shop! Thanks for reading!!
 - ggsdolls

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