Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More rain and other things...

It's been raining hard and a lot more lately. The skies are overcast and though it's great for taking photos, there's wet things everywhere. Over the weekend I received some items thru the mail and for the first time I forgot to document my latest package from YJA. Oh well, it was very large box, but with only 3 items inside it! LOL!

I found a larger retro plush dog and for real cheap. I was surprise that no one else tried to get her. She's blonde and cute and so different from my only other retro plushie. Here's a quick peek at her!
 She still has her brush attached to her. I am not sure the maker, but because of the good quality I am assuming she is made by Bandai. I will try to take a better shot of her later on!
 In the box I also got a vintage snoopy Nakajima movie viewer cartridge. Sadly, this one does not fit into my current movie viewer by bandai. Also, I've been wanting those cute sailor dresses for Odeco. I was able to get one thru YJA for a lot less than buying the whole doll! Now, if only I could get the
white version too!!

Baekdan in odeco sailor dress and socks. Shoes from World of Love fashion set, and bag from Yes/No minny. I made the red ball ponytail ties!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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