Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sankei Paper Kits!

Yesterday, I received in the mail from Japan two sets of Sankei Paper Kits. Both with the Studio Ghibli themed series, "Kiki's Deliver Service", and "Ponyo". I started on "Kiki's House" kit and it said it would take about 12 hrs and 10mins. to complete. Boy, were they right. I began and had to stop, Yesterday, and did the rest today to finish it!
My daughter and I worked on it. All these small pieces and eek! It was hard, but I didn't realize it got harder later, with the truck, and tiny table and chairs! I was able to finish today, and sadly, I found out I forgot one of the windows, and broke one chair. The laser cute pieces where good, but the really small parts, was just too hard to take out with my tweezers and a pin-_-; Still, the house turned out amazing and I truly enjoyed putting it together!

 Day 01 Below:

 Day 02 Below:

Now, I'm gonna take a break before I work on the Ponyo kit...whew!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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