Friday, October 12, 2012

Some lovely flower mats for dolly scenes!

 I've seen flower mats back in spring for decorating a table setting, etc. But trying to find them while they are out of season and online is much harder than I thought. Finally, a dear sweet friend, Gabe was able to get them for me late last month, and they arrived safely to me. I have to remember to look for these the next trip stateside!

The past few days since getting my German Tadie in, I've been trying to figure out better ways to take photos of her. Sadly, the past 2 days was just rainy and overcast with no sun in sight-_-; so out door shots were just not happening... But with these amazing flower mats Gabe found, I am able to take indoor shots that look cute!!

Tadie above waving hello from her flowery garden! I am able to take out the areas I want and replace them in other areas also! So much fun and can make the shots more creative and different!
Lovely Heukdan above also visiting the garden and taking in the floral scenery! Yup, look like dolly postcards to me!!

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