Friday, November 9, 2012

A Shipment from Japan!

Yes, I actually got another shipment from Japan...LOL! I haven't been getting in much like I usually do. Though lately, the dollar is slowly getting a bit better. Anywho, here's what came in!

 This lovely Rokotan Doll Closet, comes mint in box and with original set of 3 hangers, a lovely Masako Watanabe underlay with a lovely princess, and this amazing children's book by Macoto Takahashi.
 This lovely Macoto book is actually a New re-release of his children's book, it includes 2 other stories, "Thumbelina", and "The Swan Princess".
 This version of Hans Christian A. story is my favorite and with Macoto's art work, so dreamy too! I found it thru Amazon Japan!
 Lovely, Masako W. Margaret underlay, with lovely artwork. Quite unique and this beautiful princess can be added to your collection too, it is in the shop already!

 Amazing Rokotan doll closet mint in box. In great condition. Below, shows the closet out of the box.

If I owned a Rokotan, I'd probably keep this closet!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Gaaaah what beautiful artwork for the Little Mermaid by Macoto.. *___* <3

    1. I know dear! I was happy they re-released the book. You can get a copy thru Amazon Japan! hugs, gg