Sunday, November 4, 2012

More fun with Tadie!

I decided to do a shoot with Tadie this morning. It was actually sunny today, no clouds, or rain...So, I tried to take some outdoor shots, but they didn't come out cause my lens fogged up-_-;

Above, the lens fogged up while I tried to take a shot of her in a club67 fashion also, showing the purse I upcycled.

Instead I did an indoor shoot!

Below is a rubber vintage doll that I got earlier, I wanted to share with my readers, that I believe this rubber doll beside Tadie, is related to her! A while back, I was doing a search for a friend on Cortendorf figurines, and I noticed that some of the whimsical figurines of children, had the same cute face paint similar my German Tadie. When I did further investigating, I found that Cortendorf was redesigned by the same people of --> 'Raumschmuck, Dr. Irmgard Fenner'. Dr. Fenner did the artwork for "Aral" dolls and also for Cortendorf children figurines, and probably for the German Tadie I have as well, since they were featured in a Raumschmuck catalogue!
Above a photo of the dolls related to each other side by side!

 The face paint on these Cortendorf figurines similar to my German Tadie. (photo not mine ebay/seller).

Another Cortendorf figurine of a girl with the side glance eyes(ebay/seller pic not mine.), just like the Aral rubber doll figure I have above! So, at least I figured out the relations, now, just to find out the real name for Tadie?! LOL!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Omg! Tadie is total cuteness in the indoor shoot.Love her hairstyle and the dress on her.

    1. Hi Janet, thanks dear! She inspires me lately! hugs, gg

  2. Hey, dear, I was wondering how you created that beautiful lighting for the indoor shoot. Did you use some kind of.. studio lighting? It looks so natural and professional.

    1. HI Eleni, thank you dear for your kind words! Actually, I've been trying to use natural light from a window to help me with the shoots, but it has to be a hot sunny day to do the shots!LOL! So far, it works better with the natural light coming from the window, and my bedrm lighting. hugs, gg