Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Latest Box from Japan!

Yup, it amazed me too, that I was able to get this lovely box in! Though the dollar is slowly getting better against the yen, it is not like the good ole' days when it was above 100yen-_-; But still one can always enjoy a good buy when you see one!!LOL

 Above, I was able to snag this lovely larger dolly dresser in wood. I also found a lovely Sweet Lala double pencil case, a Masako W. Sketch book, and a lovely Yoko Kitajima coloring book!

 I usually find them as a cabinet, closet, etc. But this one was larger, and could possibly be used for jewelry or dolly things! I like the modern/mid century/atomic look of it! Also the color of the drawers too! The mirror can be adjusted!

 Lovely Masako Watanabe sketch notebook, sadly it is used, but one can still frame the front cover. A lovely dreamy anime lady art for sure!

I've often see these lovely double pencil cases and honestly, this is the first time I've had one in my hands to see. Lovely artwork by Yoko Kitajima, her anime girls are cute and childish! This pencil case has so many compartments! I counted 7 areas! I will be adding most of the items in the photo to the shop!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Beautiful pencil case! I have a similar one in my collection, but with 5 areas. Your pencil case has very romantic pictures :-) Real treasure!

    1. Magda, thanks dear! I've seen many similar to these cases, but they often go really fast-_-; hugs, gg

  2. Sounds like good news. *eager* I do hope the dollar gets better soon. :-} For your sake and ours, lol!

    1. Hi dear Eleni,

      I totally agree! Hopefully someday soon, right?!LOL. hugs, gg