Thursday, January 10, 2013

Such Drama on Flickr...

I am editing this post...if you read my earlier rant. Thank you for reading. I am not upset or really all that p-off, I am more so concerned for many dear friends I have made on flickr and what happens to all of us who love something so deeply...our collections.

Please know that I will always be there to see and read about your lovely things, but I will be keeping my flickr stream mostly private, so that it is seen by those who enjoy collecting and enjoy seeing my collections. If you would like me to add you on my flickr contacts list, so you can see and be up to date on what I have? Just message me on flickr or comment below. I will add you^_~

But for those who'd rather not be bothered, thanks for lurking around and reading. I do appreciate your time... Flickr is a place for sharing, but not if there are those who will add to its demise...

much love, - ggsdolls


  1. Hi! I can understand why you are so upset, I'm upset too whith drama. But I really don't know if we can stop it, the moment a lot of people is involved in something, drama appears, will this be a forum, flickr, or even blythecons.
    What it works 10/10 times for me is not give a second thought to a nasty behaviour, because for each nasty one I have to admit that there are more than 100 that are truly amazing, asking nothing in return. Maybe taking a breath will do? ;-)

    1. Jenny, thanks dear. I totally agree with you^_~ A breather is what is needed^_^ hugs, gg

  2. Sigh, every social network has its share of drama, doesn't it..
    I never thought drama could be created by people who like to force others to give up their collections. o__O And even get jealous and start badmouthing them? What the heck, this is too much..!

    1. Hi dear Eleni,

      So true. Many dear friends on flickr feel the same way. I will taking this post down soon. It might be just feeding the bad...ugh! love, gg