Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What Do You See? Alice!

Finally, was able to have time to wash Alice's hair today and take some lovely outdoor shots of her as well! Poor girl, was here a while, and her hair needed some washing. Sadly, as with all lovely dolls made in Japan, they love to use this oily substance to keep their dolls hair shiny?! But it is that same substance, that just has to be washed out when I get a hold of em'!! LOL!

 Alice has amazing large hazel blank staring eyes, but in some instances her stare seems almost hip-notic and curious to me...
 Beautiful rosey cheeks and lovely red lips, she almost seems to be in awe, at being outdoors for once!

 Above, one of my favorite shots of all!! Alice seems to be curious about the world, and yet so little in it!

 This one, makes her seem to look off to the distance, as if she wishes she was alive!? and 'alive', she looks to me!

Unfortunately, she will be placed back into her box. As Sara seems to be a bit scared of her blank stare-_-; Oh well...LOL! Her bangs are much nicer now, and she may be a keeper...
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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