Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More tiny toys from Glico and others!!

Yes, a bit obsessed lately, but I am trying to find tiny furniture to fit into Mirai's loft...LOL!

 Above, my latest box from Yahoo Japan. I found many tiny Glico lot of toys with some cute things to add to the loft. I went ahead and got the wooden Glico set cheap! I wanted it for the shelf, which I thought was wooden, but sadly it is cardboard. Still, I will use it to display my other tiny Glico toys!
 Above, a lot of girl Glico toys that I found. I will use some for the loft! Not too much of a bidding war for these, whew!! If you look closely, there are some items from Lotte Licca!

 I took out the wooden sets from the yellow box. Most went to my daughter Taby! LOL.

 I also won this Lot of Lotte Licca items too! Not because of the furniture for the loft, but because of the tiny purses I could use with my Aram dolls! In each of the cases, purses, etc. were even tinier things!! After the next photo you can see the tiny things I found, hidden!!

 Above, some of the tiny clone Glico toys I opened from the package of Retro Candy Shop toys you see in the first photo that has piles of toys in a row packaged. I mostly, wanted them for the tiny dresser and closets. But all the other extras were just as cute too! I will add some sets to my shop soon!

 After opening all the tiny purses, I found a makeup compact, brush, and mirror. There is a tiny ID book, lamp, radio, cup with scissors, and more... Some pieces are similar in size to another Licca set I have here! But most are dolly sized items. More pics below...

 Licca fridge, when opened had tiny ice cream tub, ice tray, milk, wine, even eggs!

 Then, I wanted to look carefully at this awesome tiny desk above! It's made by Glico for Licca? Not sure... It has tiny sliding see thru cabinet doors and the desk cover opens to reveal a writing area. When I opened it, there was a wad of torn up pieces of paper(more a bit later). The chair can be placed neatly into the bottom of the desk when stored! Sadly, the tiny drawers do not open up.

 I started to put the pieces of paper together and then taped them up as best I could and it revealed a Licca sticker! I guess the original owner, wanted to fit the sticker into the desk for safe keeping? LOL

 Above and below, I forgot to post from the last time I showed the tiny TV, but I replaced the train and airplane sticker with a cute anime lady and girl!! Now, Mirai is watching her favorite manga anime!!

Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Wow, what an amazing lot to get in one box! It would have been such fun to unpack - thanks for sharing it with us :-D

    1. HI Rebecca,

      It was dear! I am glad you enjoyed it. I truly appreciate your lovely comment^_~ many dolly hugs, gg