Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tiny Mini Dollhouse Furniture Found!

While doing my usual searches via ebay, I came across a set of two Mini Dollhouse Furniture Rooms. I decided to watch it and go back to it when I was done looking thru my other searches. When I did go back to this watched listing. I read in the description the size of the box itself, was about 5 inches long. I was a bit shocked and decided to bid on the lot not knowing exactly what I had found...

I won and paid for the item. The seller shipped it quickly and it arrived to me so fast this past Monday that when I opened the box. I was surprised to see how small they were, and exactly the size that could also fit into the Ben Holiday House!

 After taking them out of the shipping box above. You can see how each room is a complete set!

 I had to carefully remove each piece from the box and sadly, every furniture was either glued down or stuck with double stick tape. The tricky one's were the chairs which ended up with colored feet from the box, and very hard to remove completely with out breaking a leg-_-; Still, above the dining set comes complete with cabinet, fireplace, table, 4 chairs, and a corner shelf. I love that the dish cabinet has a picture of tiny dishes, cups, etc. inside. The corner shelf has painted on books, and other things inside too. Each chair had a yellow felt seat cover.

 The living room set above also complete. Did not give me as hard a time to come off the box as the dining did. This set comes with a desk, chair, couch, matching chair, rocking chair, lamp, and grandfather clock. When I tried to find out more information about these pieces, there were very few if any, one blog had them here. This blog showcases a set with bedroom that was to be sold, saying they were a part of Shackman Co.. I see that there were other variations in color to the sets. Sadly, mine did not come with a bedroom set. Then, I realized that a dear friend via flickr also had the same or similar sets in her stream pic here!! How nice, I remember when she had posted this pic I wondered how small the sets were, and now I know!

 I took out many of my glico furniture and placed the mini furniture in. The kitchen looks more like a kitchen with dining room. I love the fireplace, makes it a bit more realistic. I did however, have to change out the chairs since the yellow stubs just made it look messy. I added a doily to the table and the fireplace. I think now the second floor is my favorite room!

 another look on the other side of the kitchen...

I placed the rocking chair in the balcony for Mirai to relax in.

 Mirai at the sewing table. Behind her is the living rm set. You can see the TV by Glico, I added an area rug, the sofa, and chair. Along with the lamp.

A close up of Mirai, deciding what to sew next! Now, I wish I had gotten a few more of these houses!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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