Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yay, Toys "R" Us is on Guam!!

Finally, a dream of mine has come true!! Back in late June, I was told by my husband's Aunt that a Toys "R" Us was going to open on Guam, at the Mall! I was happy to hear of it, but was being mum about it, only because, I thought his Aunt was just teasing...

But when my husband and I came back from the PI, last month after his surgery, sure enough, my brother had posted a pic of the sign put up at the Mall on his facebook!! I must say I was jumping up and down in my head...You see, Guam doesn't have many toys shops on island, but slowly and surely, we are starting too. We had a KB Toy store, but they closed down, and we have Kmart. There is a locally owned store called, Twinkles, but to finally have 'The place where a kid can be a kid!' truly momentous!! Especially for our little island!!

 My daughter and I checked it out today!! Just a small express store as it is called...but still there are lots of toys inside!!

 Mermaids and other things...

 Some of her faves on the shelf!! She likes Mike the Knight and anything Disney or Nick Jr.!!

 The girls isle, you can see they don't have tile in, but who cares, it's a Toys R Us!!

 In the mail Yesterday, I also got this cutie on pre-order thru Hobby Link Japan!! Yotsuba&! Revoltech Figure!! She's funny and with change faces as you can see above/below along with some other accessories...

 Me: "What's funny Yo?"  "Yes, I know I have an old phone!!"

Yotsuba: "This is not acceptable!" Me: "Sor-rie', I'm old and don't care much about cell phones!!"

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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