Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A few things to share...

It has been a busy week with Thanksgiving just around the corner...but a few things arrived to me today and yesterday, that I wanted to share...
 Hard to find Azone Neemo loafers from ebay above! I have yet to use them! Below, I borrowed elfdoll, Silf's fairy dress, for a flying fairy scene! LOL
 Minx looked so magical wearing it! I had to take some outdoor shots!!
 She's a fairy...No, wait, a fox?!! LOL. I couldn't wait to get some new hair in... -_-;
 Then, below, I received some items today from YJA! A Hanekawa Tsubasa figma, some rement items( I will show in the next post!), Takara Retro House(next post too!), and a book, called, "Toys of Glico"!
 I needed the figma for her hair!! So, she was sorta sacrificed for my girl below! It was hard to fit the head-_-; So, I had to shave the plastic down...it was hard work, and I decided to use just one of Hanekawa's hair sets...whew!
 My girl's new look! I've always liked black hairstyles and braids are just as cute!

 A closeup above!
 I was able to use "BIN" for this 2002 book called, "Toys of Glico" written by Yuzo Kato. It's written in English too, so you can read it!! Awesome!

So many cute toys from the past to the present! Many I've seen thru Japan Auctions too! I hope to finish reading it soon...So, far it's talks about the history of Glico and the reason they came up with an idea to add toys with their candies!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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