Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Miniature Ipad for Your Doll House!

I recently purchased a miniature ipad for Charlotte or Shiori and it arrived to me today along with some other items...
 An etsy shop called, "Lilushop" sells some cute acrylic made miniature apple products, etc. I've seen this tiny ipad some time ago, and only recently, told myself, I need one!!LOL

It took some time to arrive, but when I opened it up, it comes with a tiny little box to keep it in! Such tiny details as shown above and a great miniature to add to any dollhouse or for your dolly to play with!!
 I also won a Lot of Lil' Bratz dolls and clothes, cheap thru ebay! I wanted to see if my MMS gals could fit their clothing, and sure enough, Lil' Bratz boys clothing does fit, but the girl Bratz are too small for the MMS chest! Shiori above and below is wearing a boy fashion sweatshirt top and cargo pants!
 Shiori having fun with her ipad!
 Then, I also got Vel today in the mail! I have yet to take her out of her box...soon hopefully!

 ...and Ewnoe trying on a sailor outfit made for obitsu 11cm dolls. It's cute, but I don't care for her mid section to show...hmmm!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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