Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Momoko by Momoko Fashions!

I was able to get a friend via Japan to help me buy some Momoko fashions thru the Sekiguchi website!! Yippee! They safely arrived to me today!

 You can see the two items above, thru Sekiguchi's online store. Thru the Global store, you can't find the striped hooded dress, nor the blue dress with accessories. So, it was nice I was able to find the Japan website and still get these cute items! Sadly, there were many others lovely Momo goodies that sold out on both the Global and Local sites-_-;
Just a quick addition, I pre-ordered this top above thru Azone. It's a nice color and I am hoping it will go well with the Gaucho pants I got too!?
 A closer look at the striped blue dress for Momoko. Includes dress, pantaloons, lace socks and hat!

 Unoa Lite trying out the striped hooded dress inside, and then I took her outside for a little photo shoot!

 One of my fave Momoko fashions, it also comes in a solid gray. But the striped one was my first choice!
 Unoa Lite was able to fit the Momoko dress in blue, a bit tight in the bust area, but otherwise gorgeous on her! I just need to find a cancan for underneath the dress to make it poofy!

 Some old style photos of the same dress...
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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