Thursday, April 17, 2014

It All Went By So Fast!!

Gosh, just when we all were getting used to the train stations and finding our way around, it was time to go home-_-;

We all woke up early today and I ate my 7/11 bento dinner leftovers, while my Mother inlaw and Katherine went to breakfast downstairs. We were checked out by 8am. Tevin and his girlfriend had to leave for the airport since her flight was at 11am back to Guam. As for Judy, myself, Tabytha and Sara, we decided to take the train to Tokyo! Judy wanted to try to see the Emperor's gardens. We got to Tokyo station by 9am. While the girls and I sat at Mcdonald's, Judy took a scenic 5k walk around the grounds.
From the taxi a view of the park next to the Emperor's gardens. By 12pm we caught the Narita Express back to the airport.
On the express, Sara and Judy enjoying some pastries from the bakery they found at the train station...

We safely arrived at terminal 1, and immediately went to our gate. At gate 36 we could see this cute Hello Kitty Airplane! Only in Japan!! So Kawaii!
At gate 36, the TSA decided to do an exercise, they brought dogs, and lots of was interesting to watch!
Finally we boarded out flight by 5pm back to Guam!
さよなら日本/ Sayonara Nihon! It was definitely an adventure we will never forget!!
A spy shot by Tabytha, of the plane over Japan! Below another shot as the sun began to set...
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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