Sunday, April 13, 2014

Some New Items arrived to Me!!

It's been a crazy week... I had to care for my 2 month old God-daughter since her mother and father had to go to the Philippines for a checkup! So, its been exhausting...But I am looking forward to this week! I will be going to Japan!! More on that later on...Some cute things that came in this week!
 I received these 1/12 scale miniature red shoes and glasses for Shiori from ebay. I will see if the shoes fit or not? They are made for Heidi Ott dollhouse dolls, but I'm hoping they will work on Shiori?!
 Another cutie, a lil' fox this time from the same seller I ordered last time thru etsy! She gave me another cute lil' gift! A teeny dolly!
 Finally, Azone released "A Good Librarian Likes a Good Shepherd" Tsugumi Shirasaki! She was actually supposed to be released back in February, but I guess they were delayed. I received her in the mail, and I love her anime face and figure-like model head. She is very cute and her school uniform too! Her shoes are quite different from the loafers released with Assault Lily dolls. I thought they might be the same, but aren't. In fact, they fit my Shiori nicely!! I actually pre-ordered her because back in January, I had just started getting into anime figures more so, then anything else lately...
 Tsugumi is very cute and has other face options, awesome! It will be fun to do some outdoor shots with her!!
 I also received this cute sailor fashion. I really wanted it for Shiori Rokkaku!
 But its also so cute on Charlotte!! Poor Char, she's been in the cabinet for some time...I need to take her out for a photo shoot!
 Through Amazon, I broke down and got these cute flower grass mats...It's shorter than my other mats, but will be great for photo scenes that I want to do later on...

 Shiori below playing with her little dolly, thanks to etsy seller Bibbi!! Shiori will be traveling with me to Japan this week!! So excited!
 Since, for my birthday back in Feb. I didn't go stateside to see my sister, instead, I decided to plan a special short trip to Japan to visit an amazing Museum!! More will be posted as the days progress... We leave Monday morning!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Oh my gosh... I am so in love with those little glasses!!!!!

    1. Hi dear! Aren't they so cute. Similar to the Japanese brand, these are really small, but I love the design of em' can't wait to take pics of Shiori in them!! hugs, gg