Wednesday, May 21, 2014

At The Hotel...

Ugh, it was the longest day ever... We were waiting to be released and it took most of the afternoon! Finally, we are back at our hotel room, Yay!

We got ready and left to Greenbelt Mall to eat dinner. Below at Bubba Gump. Its been almost a year since I ate there! So, I figured to try a new dish and drink!
 We both ordered the Georgia Peach Iced Tea! Yum, it was alcoholic and I didn't know til' after I drank some! LOL! So delicious though and we get to keep the glasses too! Wow!

My meal above is called Shrimp Pasta. Mmmm, it was heavenly! I loved how light it was and flavorful too!
My husband got the Shrimp Heaven appetizer! With lots of different cooked shrimp! We both couldn't finish our meals! A doggy bag please... So, we took it back to the hotel for another meal later on...
By morning the next day, I stayed at the hotel and watched TV, and took photos of Shiori at the window of the hotel room...
It was a nice sunny day too!
It will be nice to see what the rest of the day brings...hmm?!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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