Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A True Coconut Drink!

I've been trying to hold off on showing you all the progress of the Cobaani Classroom... Only because, I am awaiting a teacher's desk and a few more student desks to come in. But it is coming together nicely though! So pics soon to come...LOL

But I do have something else to share...Though I don't necessarily write about food, sweets, etc., unless it is something from Japan, Here is something I figure I should share if you've never tried it?!

On Guam, of course we have coconuts and many times we've often offered off island guests to try our young coconut milk/juice! But there is all the work of cutting the top and then making a hole for the straw or maybe where you are, there are no young coconuts!?

My husband loves to drink the juice, and so, at one of our local village stores last year, I found a coconut water drink, actually made in Thailand, but distributed out of California, wild huh?! That tastes great, and very similar too what young coconut milk/juice actually tastes like!

There are other coconut drink makers out there, but either theirs taste too sweet, or nothing like coconut juice at all!! This one below, tastes light, not too sweet, is made with natural coconut water, no preservatives, and has bits of coconut in it, Yum!!
The brand also makes one without the pulp, in a darker green color design, for those who might not care for it...But its just plain delicious! As it says on the top of the can "Happiness Inside" is so true!
 It truly hits the spot on a hot, humid day and you've just finished cutting the lawn!! LOL!
 So, if you ever see a can like this at your local grocery, and never tried coconut juice, give this one a whirl, you might just find it heavenly, like we do!! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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