Saturday, July 26, 2014

Large Box from Japan!

Today, was a very rainy day, but I made sure to check the mail, because I knew I should have gotten a box from Yahoo Japan!! and I did!

A rather large box too! Even though there were only three items inside! LOL! Well, one of the items was large enough that they needed to use a big box for it!
 I won these goodies almost one month ago now...Sadly, its taking longer for things to be prepared for shipping, ugh! Oh well! Anywho, I got a new Glico character toy from Doraemon "Standy by Me" series, a Toei Animation Heroine Box set, and a Melody Bell Tree!!
 This cute little girl was too cute to pass up! Won her real cheap too!

 Toei Animation Heroine Box set was in good to fair condition, but all the figures inside were still in their packaging. Nice! I wanted them for some of the figure I didn't have, and also for the extra mermaid I would get! Because Sara has been bothering me for mine!! LOL
 Most of the figures displayed below... only one not shown, is Lunlun!

 Above and below just a few of my faves!! I actually love em' all! I want to see if the bathing Megu chan's head will fit my MMS bod?!

Now, the amazing Melody Tree!!
 I saw this up for auction in early June and it was really cheap! Amazing, and won it with no other bidders! But it was the s/h that made up for it in price, eeek!
 Inside, the box the melody is in good working order and even has the play sticks, stand, and booklet.
 There are several songs inside you can play a tune too!
 Sara and I had fun trying out the product too! The only reason I decided to bid on it, besides the fact that the price was nice, was that in one of my fave vintage Japan toy books by Shiba, "Little Friends", the melody tree is featured in it!!

Seeing this retro vintage toy in this condition and knowing it was one of the toys in a book filled with amazing Japan toys and dolls of that time, just makes it all the more precious to me!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

LOL, trying to hold an Ipad, record my playing, and read the music sheet as well!! Yup multi-tasking like crazy here!

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