Friday, September 19, 2014

Mail Day Today!

It's been some time since I got something from Yahoo Japan... So, today a few goodies came in and I hope to get another box next week sometime, with goodies for the shop!?
 Items above, are a figma Seto San a complete version, not just a mermaid tail! Another version of the little mermaid book to add to the shop, a different version of Princess Shirahoshi sleeping, and a Lot of random girly items!
 This version of Princess Shirahoshi is mine, since Sara took my other one! LOL
 Can't wait to check out Seto San above! More later on!

 Another version of Hans Christian Andersen's tale of the Little Mermaid. A bit more modern, but still cute! I will add this book to the shop too!

 Retro Girly Lot, included a Masako Watanabe case?! A Maho no Makochan necklace, and a cat id wallet!
 This one above will be added to the shop. A Hanna Barbera cartoon character?! Trying to remember... ID wallet.
 I love this cute Makochan necklace. I will need to get out my Makochan brooch and take a pic of them together...
 Close up of the pendant.
 I took a closer inspection of the Masako W. case, my fave of the Lot... slightly dirty, I was excited to see what it actually was. I thought it was a wallet or coin purse, like this one I have here?! Or maybe a lip gloss case from back then...hmm...
 But, it was an eraser case, with an eraser, still inside!
 I took the eraser out and of course it was used, but underneath was interesting too!! Some tiny papers or stickers?
 A closer shot of the eraser above... Below, the eraser, the card inside the case, and some paper doll accessories, I assume?
Very cute! I definitely love the eraser case! So small too! The paper doll accessories were probably stored in there by the original owner of the eraser case, maybe she didn't want to lose her paper doll accessories... I wonder?!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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