Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Retro Shoujo Goodies For the Shop Have Arrived!

Today's mail, took a long drive to get to, uptown, and in pouring rainy weather too! Since, having my local Post closed, getting the mail has been a bit tricky. Something that usually takes five days for me to get, now takes 7! Only because, now it travels to a 96915 zip code, then the notice gets placed in my PO at 96917, then I have to drive up to Hagatna to pick it up, Whew!

I got home late in the afternoon from picking up the mail and doing errands, but at least I get my mail! Here's what came in!
 I've been getting many requests for more retro shoujo girly goodies in the shop! So, here are a few that I've found, another Masako W. castle pencil case, similar to an earlier one that sold some time ago, a Lot of two retro girl coin purses, a Masako W. bento box, and a Masako W. desk organizer.
 Masako Wantanabe vintage bento box above and below, in good condition for its age I just love her artwork!

 Masako castle pencil case, with beautiful retro girl artwork inside and on the cover!

This lovely Masako desk organizer, I've seen often, but just never got a chance to get one, til now!
 Its nice to find one still in its box too!

 A beautiful retro girl surrounded by flowers above... Still deciding if I will add this item to the shop or not!? I'm falling for it! LOL

 These two coin purses with straps. The artwork is similar to Masako's or Miyako Maki's. They were probably more like a copycat or cheaper versions of the real thing! Still a lovely reminder of the good ole' days!
Most of the items above, will be listed in my shop! So check it out!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. These are just lovely! Going to check out your shop, but I don't have any money, but I can always look, and dream =)

    1. HI dear Hannah, thank you so much for your lovely thoughts! LOL, so true. I wish I could keep em' all!? But I can't, LOL! many hugs, gg