Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Breaking Out My Modern Age Adorn Dolls!!

I decided to take out of storage my "近代飾り人形 kindai kazari ningyou/modern age adorn doll" mannequin dolls! These are dolls that are similar to Lina but were released somewhere around the early 70's and not much else is known about them, other than that from time to time you see them up for auction through Yahoo Japan or in books that showcase many vintage Japan made dolls...

Past post here!
 My collection consists of only three sweet ladies left. After all my lovely Lina's have gone, I've decided to keep these girls with me, as a reminder...
 I redressed my short bob one in her blue bell bottoms, a Cher top, Mattel Cynthia scarf, and Tyler W. shades... So groovy man!

 One of my long haired beauties, is sporting a lovely Lina blouse and skirt, I just couldn't part with^_~;
 Reminds me of the 1960s with their pencil skirts and button blouses!

 Finally, my second long haired gal, also wearing a Lina fashion I couldn't part with, and fluffy stole...
 She looks so elegant and I love her long neck...

Randomness:  I went to the 100yen store while my husband was having his MRI done and got these cute anime glasses!!
 and also to a new Patisserie for some delicious macaroons!! A dozen to be exact!!

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  1. Hey Gigi! Woooowww, these dolls are just fabulous! I love the faces, and you put them in awesome outfits!!! Very retro chic and stylish :-). x

    1. Hi dear Night Owl,

      Thank you so much! I totally agree with you, I love their retro makeup and the fashions definitely bring out that fab era!! hugs, gg

  2. Great blog!!

    If you like, come back and visit mine:

    Pablo from Argentina

    1. HI dear Pablo,

      Okay, thanks so much for the link! I will do that asap! hugs, gg