Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Goodies from Japan, Mail for Today!!

Since the dollar has been strong... I just had to try to get more goodies in!! Check out what in the mail!
 I did I got some more goodies to add to my shop! I was able to get a cute anime figure mermaid at the back, a Jenny key chain, and Wataru and Licca key chain, Mr. Donut Licca, a Lotte Gum Licca toy, a Licca family mini books set, and below, two Lots of fairy tale books as well!
 Above various fairytale titles that will be added to my shop!
 Lovely extra mermaid figure, I could not resist!
 This cute set 10, Licca mini family books! Features Licca and her family in everyday adventures and life! If you love puppet style books these are cute with dolly scenes, and so creative!
 Cute JAS Jenny key chain doll. You can change her clothes too!

 This Mr. Donut Licca above, will be a part of my collection! Unopened too!
 Debating on whether to add this to the shop or not above and below. I don't own a Wataru, so the temptation of keeping this is high! LOL
 Amazing Toei Animation book of the movie, "Little Women" based on the story written by Louisa May Alcott. Just cute and Jo looks sweet at a blonde here!

 Backside of the book below!

 Above and below, the Lot of books I was able to find cheap! I will keep one or two for my collection. But most will be added to the shop. Many of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales too!

 I love the anime look of all the characters!
 "The Little Match Girl." below...

 "The Red Shoes."
 "Alice in Wonderland." I just love the way she's drawn and the retro anime feel of the book below...

 Then, I also found a Lotte Licca Gum box, still with gum and toy!
 I opened the box and just took a pic of the gum, then threw it away. I don't want Sara accidentally ingesting it!? But I wanted to showcase that the toys that I often see with Glico toy lots are sometimes, Lotte Licca gum toys too!
 The mirror can be used in a scene for Licca dolls! I wonder what other Lotte Licca toys came with this particular release?!
I am also awaiting another box from Japan soon! I hope I get it in before next week as well!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Can you please tell me the illustrator for the anime fairy tale books that feature heidi, little mermaid and the match stick girl?

    1. You might be able to find it here: http://corp.toei-anim.co.jp/en/film/category.php?c=001&y=1970

      hugs, gg