Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Making More Origami Money Lotuses!

I was recently commissioned to make some Origami Money Lotuses as a gift! It was such fun to do and I also found at a local party store, some cupcake boxes I could use to place the lotus flowers inside!

 Each lotus flower above has money folded as a petal or leaf. These are in denominations of $10, which may include two $5 dollar bills or one $5 and five $1 dollar bills to equal $10 as the gift to someone special!
 One of my favorites above. This one I used the one $5 and five $1 dollar notes, along with red origami paper and a patterned paper with red tones in it.
 Another using pink and pastel orange above. Below, I used the two $5 dollar notes, yellow, pastel pink and green patterned origami paper.
 Below, another favorite, using the two $5 notes, pastel purple, pink, and a lovely patterned origami paper to tie the two together!

These cupcake boxes are amazing! There's even little windows so you can see the Money Lotus flowers inside!
 Pull the heart at the center for a "Note"! Then I also added a message, saying what the lotus flower is made of. Only because I think with the two $5 notes, the person receiving the gift might not realize there is money folded in them!?

Of course I added the ribbon and note card for "To" and "From". I can't wait for the person I was commissioned by to see them!! It was so much fun to put together!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. So cute and clever! Well done!

    1. HI dear Neomi,

      Thank you so much dear! I truly appreciate your lovely thoughts^_~ Many hugs, gg

  2. These lotuses look so nice :)
    I finally tried making an origami lotus early this year and it's now my favorite origami piece! They really are good gift ideas.

    1. HI Rebecca, Thank you dear so much! I totally agree, they are! Many hugs, gg