Friday, October 10, 2014

More Goodies for the Shop!!

I received a lot of items for the shop in the mail today!! Check it out!
 Above, the box that arrived to me from Yahoo Japan includes, two doll size shopping bag carts, lot of two boxes of Macoto/ Colleen pencil sets, a green floral plastic container, a Lot of three retro girl accessory toy sets, and another Toei Animation "Little Women" book to add to the shop also!!
 Above and below, a lovely vintage doll size shopping bag cart, unopened. I fell in love with the cute retro Bambi and animals. I will list it in the shop soon!

 I was able to snag a lot of 2 boxes of 12 Macoto Colleen pencils. Both will be added to my shop as well!
 Macoto's artwork is always beautiful! This particular one, I love the best!
 There are 6 pencils in white with yellow daisies, and 6 in a light green color.

I also won this amazing lot of retro girl accessory sets below. Just to cute to pass up!!
 Lucky toy set above, includes a compact, brush, two combs, a mirror, and yellow perfume container.
 This set above and below, includes a cute gold necklace with ruby pendant, a watch, comb, two bottles of perfume, empty of course, a flower ornament and tissue box. I also love the retro girl artwork on it too!
 The last one from the lot, is this cute Deluxe set below...
 I love, love, love the artwork, reminds me of Miyako M.'s art. Set includes, a necklace with ruby pendant, two extra pendants, a green watch, and yellow comb.
 Another closeup of the artwork!

Then, these items below are to add to my collection! Just couldn't resist it!! LOL
 Cute doggy doll size shopping cart, loose, but still cute with its retro feel!
 Yes, another plastic retro container! This in green! I will showcase the others with it soon!
 Finally, my pre-order of Microman Arts Anime figure came in from Hobby Search... More on her later!! She is 90mm!
I hope to have the other items at the beginning of this post, listed in my shop as soon as I can!!?
Thank you for reading! - ggsdolls

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