Saturday, November 15, 2014

Microman Arts: Kantai Collection Soryu!

My first experience with Microman Arts figures was posted here! Ayase of Love Live!, was cute and very tiny! But she didn't look much like her anime drawn self-_-; Which made me a bit weary of ordering any more Microman figures in the future...

But, I must admit, this recent release of the Kantai Collection Series: Soryu that I pre-ordered, just in case, they got better!? Arrived to me along with my order of Pico Neemo Fairy Lipu dolls and I just had to post about this very tiny, and better made Microman figure!!
 Box is similar to Love Live!
 The anime character art drawn is so cute and I've been seeing more and more Kantai figures being released! "Kantai Collection" is a video game that is very popular in Japan these days. Girls dressed up as different ships with armor, quite interesting I must say. But I prefer to take off all the armor, but that's just meh! LOL
 Soryu out of box. She comes with her bow and arrow, her shield and stand.
 Her face is so cute! Very much like the anime character on the box with lovely blue eyes! I am very pleased with this face version!
 I decided to take off her armor, yukata sleeves and skirt part. She is so cute with her zories! Her tiny hands can be a bit of a challenge, they are connected with a joint that fits into her wrist, but when you are putting the hand onto the joint, before it goes into the wrist, sometimes you may need to apply a bit of pressure to lock the joint in place. The scary part is losing the hand or joint! Eek! Hopefully, they make a better way of keeping the joints from coming out easily?!
 Outside shots, Soryu getting ready to shoot her arrow for some breakfast! She is quite tiny and can be a bit difficult to pose. Her knees don't bend too easily and sitting is a bit of a trick because of the skirt.
 But, still she is lovely and true to her anime drawn character! Yay!
 She is 90mm, maybe 1/12 scale or more like 1/18 scale, but just seems so much smaller, to me?! I will have to do a comparison shot with my MMS Figure! I'll attach that to this post a bit later!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Updated below, comparison photo of Microman Arts figures and Konami MMS figure both supposed to be 1/12 in scale, but upon checking both Amiami and Hobby Search, she is 90mm or 3.5 inches tall. So, more like 1/16 scale...

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