Thursday, November 6, 2014

Retro Polyloid Japan Furniture!!

LOL, I'm finally posting a bit more about the 'polyloid' vintage Japan dollhouse furniture I won back at this post here!! Hehe, I'm just so swamped these days with taking care of my shop and other things in life, that I wasn't able to put together my Miner's room to showcase this lovely set... So, here it is!!
 I won this set back in late September, and not much is known about them. Until I did some digging up via online... A dear friend of mine named, Mikiko often spoke of these type of vintage dollhouse furniture made in the 1950s and 60s called, "Polyloid" a type of plastic celluloid toys made in Japan.  You can see one of her "Oshare" or 'Fashionable" Radio's here on flickr and other pieces on her blog here. All of the pieces are light weight and shiny.
 Not quite sure if this was a part of that series of toys, but they are similar. The credenza above is beautiful with its contrasting pink sliding doors. It has, if you can see, a clear shelf just above the cabinet doors for you to place a radio or miniature DVD player.
 This closet with drawers that can open and you can place tiny clothes and hangers inside. All of the pieces have a lacquered wood finish.
 This lovely dresser and mirror. Reminds me of a dresser my parents used to own back in the day. Sadly, I don't know if it came with a stool or chair? Very delicate, I'm sure if you placed anything heavy in weight on it, it would crack. They are about 1:18 in scale. Which would be lovely in the Miner's Rooms.
 Above, a pic of the drawers and cabinets opened.
 Inside the Miner's Rooms...
 Just a quick set up. No pegs on the walls or frames...

Then, I also received these vintage potted plastic plants via ebay! A nice set of flowers I don't have yet! They will be great to use in a garden scene!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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