Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What Came in Today!

Just a few goodies in the mail today! So, here is what came in...
Only three items, but it took so long to get it packed and then to come in the mail! I am very disappointed by the service lately... Anywho, I found another Masako Watanabe Castle Case, a cute retro girl similar to Miyako Maki's work in red pencil case, and a loose Lina doll for a regular commissioned ggsdolls Finder's Service user!
 Castle case above will be added to the shop today! I have yet to find a castle case with another style artwork on it?!
 A beautiful Retro girl red pencil case. Sadly it doesn't have the name of the artist on it, but very similar to Miyako Maki's works, maybe its by Akira? Not sure...
 Backside of the case. Lovely, and will also be added to the shop!
 Inside, it will come with a book mark!
 Lovely High Fashion Lina doll loose in her cute fashion FL - 1802! She has bangs which is rare, because Lina's generally come in side parted hair. So, I wonder if the Original owner gave her bangs?... hmmm! Still she is lovely!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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