Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Bit of Shopping and Other things...

While in the beautiful State of Washington. I Got a chance to do some fun things and shopped as well!
 A view from my sister patio. It was sunny the next day!
 We headed to Westfield mall, I was in search of a cheap Iphone!
 We ate at Panda Express. Hmm, my fortune above, really now?!
 Early morning at Westfield, and not too many people shopping yet...
 The next day, we went to Tacoma Mall. Above and below on the way...
 The weather was sunny and beautiful with summer-like temps, but for me it was a nice cool, sometimes cold 59 degrees!
 Sadly, no cheap iphone, but I did take a quick shot of the end of the mall. LOL

The last week there, I went with my niece Ashley to pick up her car at the shop. She had been in a minor fender bender and her car was ready.
 I love the scenic routes she takes me thru! The places she drives through me enjoy Lacey, WA even more!
 Then, we drove through, Downtown, and headed to a neat restaurant!
 Tugboat Annie's is a fave place for the locals there. I enjoyed fish and chips and the company of my two beautiful nieces...

 The view from the second floor of the restaurant. I love both shots above and below. Like looking into a painting artwork of the lake and dock!

 Ashley/left and Amy/right, half-sisters. They are my pride and joy. These young women are changing the future!
 A view of the restaurant above. It was really nice there, Thank you Ashley, for an awesome time!

The last day, my sister had to pick up some things for my Dad from Walmart, and when we got off the freeway, I saw this below!!
 Beautiful clear skies and Mt. Rainier in the background!!
Another look from Walmart parking lot. Wow! For me this was just gorgeous to see!

Back to Guam I went. In an early flight! I arrived into San Francisco Airport by 8am. Then, had a long walk to the international gate for my next flight into Narita, Japan!

 I got Business Class all the way! Woohoo! It was really nice to be able to stretch out and relax! Especially for an 9 hour flight!! I watched three movies too!
 Finally, my last leg. It wasn't a very long layover. So, I quickly did a bit of shopping and waited at the gate area to go home!!
Above, one of our favorite shops in the airport to buy amazing goodies. I will post a few more pics of what I got there soon!?

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Updated more pics:
 I bought my daughters the Fuji Instax mini 8 cameras in Pink and Yellow, from that shop in the airport. Sadly, they sold out on blue-_-; I also got them Rilakumma and Mickey Mouse themed film!
 Because of my large purchase, the cashier gave this free cup below! How awesome is that!? So Awesome!
 A special Business Class kit below, that I got from my trip between San Fran and Narita. A nice tin with Sydney Australia scene! I felt special getting this one!
 Inside, assorted skin lotions, socks, toothbrush, and sleep mask.

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