Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blushing, Mail, and Other Stuff!

I decided to put some blush on Arnval's faces! It was quite easy since I've had experience with owning a Ball-jointed Doll and Unoa Lites! Whew! I think I would've been clueless if I hadn't had the previous experience?! Whew!
 The three heads above, after I added blush and painted lips... Sorry no before shots, I forgot to take some!
 MMS heads are tiny, but when you get them as stock heads or from the box, they have no color on them, very plain. So, like most MMS owners we paint their eyes or add blush and lipstick to our gals!! Above, Arnval's regular face needed blush and color on her lips...
 The closed eyes head, needed blush and painted lips also.
 The angry or maybe its yelling face, needed blush only.
 Above, after blushing and painting I decided to put the sleep face on!

 Arnval is so cute and sweet above and below!!

Then, I also received some mail in my PO box. So, no driving uptown, whew!
 I wanted to get a pair of brown Obitsu maryjane shoes, and found this pair thru ebay! A miniature set of domino set, below from etsy!
 Too cute to pass up too! They will be interesting to use in scenes too!

Then, I also found some cute neon colored suitcases via etsy! I have plans for these, that I will show you later...
 They are a lot smaller than I thought, but still, I will see if I can still do what I had originally planned for them...?

Here are the other suitcases I got also thru etsy... I've added some Macoto Takahashi original stickers to them. I love em' both. I don't own a yellow suitcase and the pink one is just too cute and smaller than the usual Barbie sized cases in the same style. I just love em'!
 The backside of the pink suitcase. I added a retro girl rement sticker! I will have to do a suitcase comparison of these and the neon cases soon!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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