Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm Going on an Adventure!

My husband and I decided that one day we would take our youngest child to Disneyland when she was old enough to remember it. Tabytha enjoyed it when she was 4 years old, and remembers a lot about our trip to California Disneyland back in 2004. But that was only because of photos and video we took and made into a DVD for her.

With Sara we told ourselves we'd tried to take her when she turned four, just like Taby. But that was not the case. Three years later, we made it a point to take her on that adventure! This year! Sam and I did our research and he suggested that Tokyo Disneyland would be the better choice, price-wise and location, being only a 3 hour flight from Guam! So, we researched the area, hotel stay, maps, thru google and planned out a 3 days 2 nights stay, in Japan! Sam and I, kept it quiet, and didn't say a word except to Taby. Sara of course only knew we'd go to Japan for a trip. She didn't mind because just like Taby and I, she loves Japan!

We purchased our Tokyo Disneyland tickets online. "Etickets" are what they were called. So worth it if you purchase them! We got the 1 day pass, and at 6,900yen or roughly $58 for adults, 6,000yen for Juniors or $50, and 4,500yen or $38 for a child, it was much cheaper than going to Disneyland Stateside! I was able to book the Tokyo Bay Maihama Resort Club Hotel, which was close to Tokyo Disneyland park. With all that set, we couldn't wait to begin our adventure!
 Looking out onto the tarmac of Guam International Airport as the plane was ready to disembark on our journey! We left early morning Monday at about 7am.

 Above, a short video of the Northern part of Guam as our flight headed for Japan!

After three hours our flight landed early into Narita, Japan. We took our time and headed out into the customs and passport check out lines.
 Afterwards, we purchased our round trip tickets on the Keisei line/Narita Express Bullet Train for Keiyo Line into Tokyo. At 4,000yen or $38. It was worth it, if you can afford that luxury. We arrived into Tokyo Train Station and caught the Keiyo Line into Maihama Station. When we got out, there were ads everywhere about Tokyo Disneyland, and shops, along with restaurants. We decided to rest a bit before taking the Disney Resort Line to our Hotel. We found a place called, "Beckers" that sold hamburgers, sodas, fries, pastries and ice cream.
 Sara's silly face after eating her fries! We had delicious cheese burgers made with a philly cream cheese type goo! Just dreamy! Sorry no food porn, we were that hungry! LOL
 Then, Dad surprised the girls with ice cream!

 Some beautiful flowers just outside of the restaurants.

Just before getting our tickets for the Disney Resort Line, we were directed into an area in the 1st floor for our hotels. We found out that we could have our luggage delivered to the hotel free of charge! Yippee. So that gave us time to just look around the "Ikspiari" Disney.
On the monorail to our hotel above. Sara didn't know about our trip to Disneyland. In the video you can see her expression! Priceless! We stayed on the monorail round trip just to see the areas that it stopped at, and also to see the grounds!
 It costs about 260yen for a one way ticket, for an adult, on the Disney Resort Line. Less for Junior/child, and there are other packages available for One Day passes, etc. We just wanted to get to our hotel and freshen up and relax before the big day tomorrow!
 We arrived at the bus depot and lined up at No.5, to wait for our shuttle bus to go to our hotel. Above, is a cute Mickey figure encased as you sat in the Mickey themed bus. It only took about 5mins. to our hotel. Once there, we were able to check into the hotel and head up to our rooms! Whew! Our luggage arrived to us about 30mins. later! Nice!
 Once, we got the room key we decided to look around a bit. Above, a shop window, decorated with Mickey and Minnie having breakfast.

 Don't mind the mess! Our room was large, with two full size beds and two twin beds. Not futons! Wow! We each had a bed to spread out on! I found that the full size was just to soft for my taste, so Sam and I slept on the twin beds which had firmer mattresses.

 The girls and I took a nap, so when I woke up. It was already night time and we had to get ready for dinner!
Our balcony overlooked the Tokyo Bay area and we could see a bridge and the Tokyo Skyline! We decided to eat at the buffet restaurant in the Lobby.

 Delicious food too! In Japanese style food goodness, with sushi, pot stickers, noodles, udon, shrimp, chicken, salads, etc.! I was so hungry I only remembered to take photos of the desserts! LOL
 Yummy Flan above, and a spread of fruit cake, chocolate cupcakes, strawberry short cake, coconut mochi, and strawberry sherbert...
It was a good first night in Japan! Our main adventure begins tomorrow!!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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