Monday, May 11, 2015

Two Boxes in the Mail!

I received two boxes both from Amiami today!
 One box included a Rilakkuma Selfie stick, More Danboard flavors(Yes, I bought more!). The other box had a cute figfix Shinobu Oshino, and a Figma Tachibana Makoto!

I wanted the selfie stick for obvious reasons, to see what all the hubub was about using them! LOL Then, I couldn't resist this cute little girl below!

According to Amiami their write-up says, she is a beautiful blond-haired vampire girl, from the anime 'Nisemonogatari' A figFIX of the blond-haired vampire, Shinobu Oshino! A faithful rendition of Shinobu's well-known sitting pose from the classroom corner.

Her included expression is a cold sideways glance, that captures the vampire inside her perfectly! Her helmet can be attached and removed and her expression parts can be swapped with figma Shinobu Oshino for even more options! (sold separately).

So I took her out of box after checking out the selfie stick...

 She looks stubborn and grumpy above. I had to place her in the cage before she decides to bite me! LOL
I definitely had fun with her. She is so small. Great for easy travel too! I will see if I can place my MMS heads on her body?! More on that later on...

Then, I also took the girls/Kikipop out for a quick shot on the grass...

I have yet to open up Makoto's box... More on him soon too!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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