Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Hair Color for Arnval!

Just before leaving for my trip to Japan and Disneyland. I decided to make sure I repainted Arnval's hair! Sorry no 'work in progress' photos, but here is a before and after shot!!
Before she had a lovely shade of purple and then I repainted it pink below! There is just something about pink that draws me to it...
 Arnval in my dolly cabinet! I will try to take some newer photos of her soon!

Below, Kikipop wearing Azone Pure Neemo Dress on the left.

Then, thru the mail today, I picked up this 'Another' anime manga figure named Mei. I don't know anything about the manga and will have to do research, but she is the only other figure I know of that has a tiny bjd dolly!! Thus, why I bought her! I love teeny tiny figure dollies! They are just tiny enough to carry in your purse or wallet!
 I will need to read up on the manga to find out why she carries this dolly? Still eerie and cool in so many ways!
 The cute bjd doll in her hand as you can see below has a ribbon around her eyes to keep her from seeing? For something so tiny, there are painted areas to show joints and even her hair is painted.
 Front above and back side below.

 Arnval is holding her!

My two teeny tiny figure dollies, Mirai Suenaga, and doll. Maybe I can add a lace skirt on the other...? I trimmed off a bit of the ribbon.
 An outside shot...
Thanks so much for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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