Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Goodies from Japan for the Shop!

Some goodies arrived today for the shop!
 In the box from Yahoo Japan, a vintage Macoto art Colleen colored pencil set of 24, Dahlia Girls cosmetics, and a Lot of two retro anime girl sketch paperdoll sketchbooks!
 The Dahlia Girls Cosmetics set come with a brush, powder, lotion, lipstick, facial cream, and blush. Unopened and you can even use the case for dolly clothes or to carry your doll in!
 Left photo shows unopened plastic seal. Pamphlet on the right and below.

This rare and beautiful Macoto 24 pc colored pencil tin and pencils set. Nice and minty too!

I won these vintage Seika Sketchbooks with paper dolls! Unused and in lovely condition also!
 Below, inside the book cover and also in the back side you have a cute retro girl to color!
 A lovely, Paper doll too!

Finally, this little guy above... for me of course! He was on sale thru ModandMint via etsy... just to cute to pass up!

I will be adding the goodies above in my shop! Check it out!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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