Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mail Goodness!

Its been such a rainy day today and probably most of the weekend! I had to do some errands, and ended up going uptown to pick up the mail. Five boxes too! Here's what came in...
 From Hobby Search, some Azone Pico Neemo items for my Lil' Fairy's and my MMS!!

Vintage credenza and Patio Chair from Germany... more on them later!

This rare Emi-chan candy toy set. I've seen them through Yahoo Japan auctions before and they can go for very high prices. But I was able to find this one thru an online shop!
I love the cute dolly pic on the box. The front above and the backside below.
 Somewhat similar to Lotte Licca toys or Glico retro toys for girls! This series showcases Emi-chan doll furniture sets you can put together. Emi-chan looks a lot like Oike Sunchan dolls?!
 These dolls are cute toddler dolls but stand about 10inches or so. The furniture pieces look to small for the doll though?!
 The inside the box above...The kit I got is for the cabinet and drawer set, 2nd one from the left as shown on the box above.
 The parts above and instructions below...

The finished cabinet above. The knobs have red stickers you put on!

 Then, I also redressed my Sunset Clara in Licca Club 67 fashions! She is so cute!!

Also, my pin collection... See the little poodle too!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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