Sunday, August 23, 2015

Playing with Tadie...

Since receiving her, I've been trying to find her some fashions that fit... Back in 2009, I didn't own as many cute fashions as I do now! LOL
 My messy dresser, with Tadie wearing a top, which used to be a Holly Hobbie bathingsuit! Shorts for a similar doll as Holly Hobbie?(Sorry can't recall the name of the doll, at the moment!). The pair of mod shoes she can fit, are made for Mattel's Tutti or from the Disco Girls/ World Of Love doll fashions!
 Same pants, with a Remco Heidi dress as a top!

 Then, I found she could fit the Go-Go dolls fashion as well!

What I haven't been sharing with you, is that I've been working on Tadie's house, at least trying to add some furniture pieces to make up for the one's that are missing. Along with some wall panels that are missing as well...
 Above, I bought this credenza to use, as well as this Bodo Hennig patio chair. It needed some painting too. Repainted chair below...

 Then, I also bought this oval Modella table, shown here!
 Tabytha helped me to remove the dishes, and then the glued on table top design, which was yellowed and sticky gross! Below, I up-cycled it with wood contact paper, for a more modern Danish look!

I may not use it in the Tadie house, but still I have a gorgeous table to use in one of my other dollhouses or doll rooms?!

That's all for now...

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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