Friday, November 13, 2015

My Boopsie Daisy Trade Is In and Other Goodies!!

Oh my goodness gracious!!! Back in August, or actually a bit earlier, dear sweet Missy of BoopsieDaisy on etsy, wanted to trade for my cute vintage tan mascot doll with closed eyes and eyelashes as shown here in a book. She is the one wearing yellow. Every year or so, Missy and I do a trade or swap. She falls in love with one of my vintage dollies placed in my shop, and I tell her what dolly I want her to make for me! If I am correct, this is our third trade!

 I love the way Missy covers her box with all these cute, stickers and decor. I will cut these out and save them! Below, inside the box! The smell of marshmallows and cotton candy filled my room...
 Below,  I found a cute dolly decor of her favorite doll, an envelope, and a beautifully wrapped special dolly, just for meh!!
 Inside, mini boopsiedaisy goodies, and the most sweet and special dolly in the world... A boopsie mermaid! Yay!  I've been wanting one, for quite some time now! She is smaller as compared to an earlier one that Missy sold, but this one is way better! Because, she is small enough to fit in my cabinet. She smells of yummy cotton candy to me! My husband says, the room smells like old lady and marshmallows!! I was like, what?! No way, it's cotton candy!

 My mermaid is so precious! I love her to pieces! Thank you Missy! She will go into storage for now, until I can make room in my cabinet for her...
 I also, love her tag and won't be cutting it off, just to adorable! You are truly amazing Missy, how your mind works, your creations... oh my goodness!!

I also received this lovely purchase from an online shop! A Miniature Reproduction of 1970 Mini Licca Mansion/Omoide no Licca-chan House. I've been recently looking for one, for Mirai to stay in. I've checked Yahoo Japan and they do have some up for auction, but generally end upwards of $95 plus, and you still have to pay for s/h, third party services, etc. But, I was able to get this gem and save on my s/h too!  It arrived today, along with Boopsie's box, and a box from Germany!
The house is NRFB. Nice and new. Description: This is a miniature toy made for Licca's 25th anniversary in 1992. Miniature Licca is about 1 1/2" tall. The walls can be folded just like the real Licca mansion. New in Box! Box is still sealed.
 Photos of the box above and below...

After taking out the mini house below...
 Mirai is able to fit in it, just the right scale for her too! Yippee!
 Her and Licca can play! Notice that I've added eyes to Mirai?! I may take them off, she looks a bit googly to me with them on-_-; The eyes were from a model kit from Japan.

Lastly, a stool. I Binned from ebay Germany, by Bodo Hennig, 1970s. I will use in Tadie's house. I've been wanting one of these stools for awhile now. It was nice to see it available for purchase. That's all for now. Happy Friday the 13th to you all!
Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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