Monday, November 9, 2015

Vintage Celluloid Dolly!

I don't usually collect celluloid type dolls, but as of late, I am just falling in love with Shabby Chic vintage goodness from a few friends I follow via instagram! Their photos showcase all their vintage baby dolls and rubber toys, along with vintage decor, Yum!

I just couldn't resist when I found this little dolly thru etsy here! I just had to get him! I researched a bit more and some describe them as, Celluloid/ Bisque baby doll, marked: "made in Occupied Japan" --meaning during U.S. occupation of Japan after WWII, from 1945-52. Articulated arms and legs are secured by cord. Celluloid is rough in places, as these pieces were quick exports.

 Mine arrived safely from the States and packaged nicely above. I was able to find this one cheap as compared to most others. He is bright in color, with no fading, and there are no crushed areas. His arms and legs are jointed. Only flaw I can see, is that the strings are loose and will need to be tightened or re-strung.
 His face is so sweet and he still has his rosey cheeks! On the back side, closer to his neck, is a diamond shaped symbol with the markings, JP or F?  I could barely tell what it was, even, with using a magnifying glass. But, you can read further information about celluloid doll symbols here, thanks to Doll

I didn't realize how tiny these would be?! I figured he would be a bit larger... But this guy is so small in my hand! They are delicate too, and one thing that I don't care for, is worrying that my toys or dolls would get crushed easily. Oh well, I guess I can make an exception for this cutie.
I need to fix his loose strings, that way he can sit up properly. More pics of him soon!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Sweet little one. I have a large one. and a tiny one or two. Just picked up a little red bear while on a little trip. This Cricket from Flickr. Miss Rita, raining rita has tutorial on how to fix the little dolls if you need help. I know I did.

    1. Hi Sweet Cricket, Yes, I saw your lovely babies! So cute! I will go and check out Rita's tutorial dear! Many hugs, gg