Thursday, December 10, 2015

My New Moo Business Cards Are In!!

I have been using since 2011. I love the quality and being able to create unique business cards just makes my business card all the more special. I was actually introduced to Moo via a good friend SuperJunk! She posted her good experience with them, and her business cards were just beautifully done, I had to try them out!!

So far, they've done my postcards, and two sets of business cards, this new set will be my third set with them! If you like the freedom of being creative and making a unique impression with your business card?! They are a must try!

I choose a square set of cards this time around... I love that I can send my personalized card with each shop purchase! For me its like a little hug from me all the way from Guam! And also, its a big thank you to my customers, for making ggsdolls shop a success! "From my collection to yours" - ggsdolls

 Square business cards with vintage dollies pics from my collection...

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